The Few and Cursed

Today I gave an Uber ride to these two super nice fellas Felipe Cagno and Fabiano Neves, the writer and artist for The Few and Cursed comic. They were here on business for Comic-Con from Brazil. Link to their Kickstarter page. Great meeting you fellas!

CEO of Samaritan

This morning one of my Uber passengers was Jonathan Kumar, the CEO and Founder of Samaritan. This app startup has not only a really great idea but also a very necessary mission which is to help your local homeless neighbors with the social and financial capital needed to meet their housing and health goals. This … Read more

Uber Earnings 2022-07-18 to 2022-07-25

Here is my Uber earnings report so far this week. This is mostly driving a few hours on Thursday and Friday and then most of the day on Saturday so about two full days of driving. To be precise, these earnings are from driving for 18 hours and 54 minutes. So if you divide $516.47 … Read more

Reduced Car Insurance Premium

Here’s an interesting, unintentional discovery I made recently to save on my monthly car insurance premium with Geico. My debit card number was compromised recently so I had to get a new one and update all of my accounts setup on auto bill pay. While I was on the phone with Geico updating my card … Read more

Unavoidable Unfortunate Uber Experience

Today I had, by far, the worst experience during my time as an Uber driver. I gave a ride to a mentally disabled married couple that both worked at McDonalds and they both smelled really bad. But the husband smelled of literal poop and the stench transferred on to my rear seat where he was … Read more

Uber Deliveries by Motorcycle

Depending on your location, Uber provides the option to make deliveries by bicycle or scooter (motorcycle). Where I live in Corona, CA, the app doesn’t give me the option to make deliveries by bicycle or scooter, probably because it’s not densely populated enough. But if you’re closer to a major city, when signing up for … Read more

Gas Prices in Studio City

Check out the mind blowing gas prices in Studio City yesterday (6-21-2022)! $7.29 for regular 87 octane $7.39 for super 89 octane $7.49 for premium 91 octane $7.59 for diesel! I’m really glad to be a Prius owner right now.