Uber Earnings 2022-07-18 to 2022-07-25

Uber earnings 2022-07-18 to 2022-07-25

Here is my Uber earnings report so far this week. This is mostly driving a few hours on Thursday and Friday and then most of the day on Saturday so about two full days of driving. To be precise, these earnings are from driving for 18 hours and 54 minutes. So if you divide $516.47 by 19 hours, it comes out to $27.18 per hour. I haven’t hit any of my bonuses this week which would bump this number up.

Not being able to reach the bonus quotas is one of the downsides to only driving for Uber part time. For example, currently, if I were to complete 34 more rides by July 25th (tomorrow), Uber would pay me an additional $175 which would increase my hourly earnings number. Since I work fulltime as a pipefitter from Monday to Friday, I have a hard time completing enough rides to hit the bonuses.

If I hit it hard starting from immediately after work on Friday to Sunday evening, I can usually hit the 40 ride bonus but I normally take a little time off over the weekend to let my body rest and spend some time with my dogs. Money isn’t everything folks!

Uber bonus quota

Here is what I made driving almost a full day yesterday (2022-07-23). I still had over an hour remaining on my allowed daily drive time so I could have easily surpassed the $300 mark for the day but I don’t normally drive past 11pm to avoid messing up my sleep schedule for the work week.

Uber earnings on 2022-07-23

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