Ridgid 10 Inch Pipe Wrench

As a pipefitter or anyone who does anything as a job, you always want to use the best tools possible. For example surgeons only use brand new scalpels for every surgery they perform. Scalpels are always discarded immediately after use to ensure that each surgery is performed with the sharpest and most sanitary blade possible. … Read more

Pre-action Fire Suppression at Iron Mountain

Quick snapshot of the Pre-action Fire Suppression we installed at Iron Mountain in LA. A pre-action fire sprinkler system is a type of fire sprinkler system that requires a two-step process in order to discharge. This type of specialized fire suppression system is typically used for locations where accidental discharge needs to be prevented due … Read more

Ridgid Pipe Wrenches

I’ll probably do an actual product review sometime down the road but I just felt like posting this picture because we don’t normally use pipe wrenches this large but we did today. The two on the right are 36 Inch Ridgid Pipe Wrenches. Pretty massive compared to the 10 and 12 inch pipe wrenches we … Read more

Fire Hydrant Inspection

As a fire protection contractor, all of our work is inspected by the Fire Department. They are required to physically witness that all of our systems are in proper working order when we’re done building. We completely flush the pipe to ensure the absence of any debris left in the pipe and then test the … Read more

Warehouse Demolition

We recently completed a decent sized sprinkler head upgrade at the Dakine distribution warehouse and this is what was taking place on the other side of the building we were working on. This is what it looks like when a warehouse is getting demolished. It looks really similar to the warzones you see in movies.

The Future of Blue-Collar Jobs

One of the critical components in a fire suppression system is the underground water supply. In order to do any work underground, a backhoe is used to dig and transport the dirt. During my time as an apprentice pipefitter, I’ve worked on a handful of underground projects and on a recent job I noticed that … Read more