No Dogs on Beach in Santa Monica

There is a “No Dogs On Beach” sign at the beach in Santa Monica but there are always lots of dogs there. I take my dogs there frequently but have never seen or heard of anyone ever getting a ticket on this section of the beach. Zoey and Ellie are fearless rebels so we will … Read more

The Few and Cursed

Today I gave an Uber ride to these two super nice fellas Felipe Cagno and Fabiano Neves, the writer and artist for The Few and Cursed comic. They were here on business for Comic-Con from Brazil. Link to their Kickstarter page. Great meeting you fellas!

Economic Disparity in Palisades Park

These two homes are on the same block just feet from each other in Palisades Park. While dropping off an Uber passenger I drove past the intersection of California Ct and Oakwood Ave in Palisades Park and couldn’t help but to notice the economic disparity in this area. In the Los Angeles area, this isn’t … Read more

Ford Econoline Tiny Home Bus

Came across this amazing Ford Econoline converted dually tiny home van/bus today at the California Incline. The owner was probably on a jog so I wasn’t able to get a tour but if you look closely, there has been a lot of work done to this vehicle. And I love the scratch resistant olive drab … Read more

California Incline in Santa Monica

I’d never even heard of this spot until today but the view was so breathtaking that I had to take a few pictures. It’s called the California Incline and it’s in Santa Monica. This is an awesome place for a jog or to walk your dogs. There are quite a few harmless homeless people there … Read more

CEO of Samaritan

This morning one of my Uber passengers was Jonathan Kumar, the CEO and Founder of Samaritan. This app startup has not only a really great idea but also a very necessary mission which is to help your local homeless neighbors with the social and financial capital needed to meet their housing and health goals. This … Read more

Uber Earnings 2022-07-18 to 2022-07-25

Here is my Uber earnings report so far this week. This is mostly driving a few hours on Thursday and Friday and then most of the day on Saturday so about two full days of driving. To be precise, these earnings are from driving for 18 hours and 54 minutes. So if you divide $516.47 … Read more