Current EDC and Home Defense

I used to rotate my guns and knives and carried a new combination for every day of the month because I was an enthusiast. But for the sake of training, muscle memory, ammo availability/cost, simplicity and most importantly, STOPPING POWER, I’ve opted in favor of a single EDC setup for my daily carry for self … Read more

Knife Stuff

I used to be a hardcore high-end custom knife and tactical tomahawk collector. I collected mostly custom tactical folders, automatics, OTF’s, slip joints, balisongs, high end production knives, and fixed blades but also had a little bit (okay, a lot) of everything else. At my peak I had 850 high end folders and 250 fixed … Read more

Hurley Hammock

I purchased this single person Hurley Hammock but I couldn’t even use it because in a huge park with hundreds of trees, I couldn’t find a single pair of trees that were exactly 10 feet apart and were slim enough for the straps to fit around. I even had these other straps in my car … Read more

Bear Spray Protection

I like to discover nice places to walk my dogs so I’m always exploring new spots that I’ve never been to. The only bad thing about this is that you never know what to expect. There could be stray dogs running around or even mentally disturbed homeless people. There is simply no way to predict … Read more

Ridgid 10 Inch Pipe Wrench

As a pipefitter or anyone who does anything as a job, you always want to use the best tools possible. For example surgeons only use brand new scalpels for every surgery they perform. Scalpels are always discarded immediately after use to ensure that each surgery is performed with the sharpest and most sanitary blade possible. … Read more

Ridgid Pipe Wrenches

I’ll probably do an actual product review sometime down the road but I just felt like posting this picture because we don’t normally use pipe wrenches this large but we did today. The two on the right are 36 Inch Ridgid Pipe Wrenches. Pretty massive compared to the 10 and 12 inch pipe wrenches we … Read more

Panera Unlimited SIP Club Membership

This deal is so good that I felt the need to share. Panera Bread has an unlimited drink membership program for only $10.99 per month that includes any size drip hot or iced coffee, hot or iced tea, Charged Lemonade, lemonade, or fountain drink at any participating Panera Bread. You’re supposed to be limited to … Read more

Moki Door Step Review

In one of my previous posts I wrote about the Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box I have on my Prius and I briefly mentioned the Moki Door Step. Here is a little more info about it. Admittedly, I didn’t spend a great deal of time researching this product or it’s competing products because it’s not … Read more

Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box Review

Whether you’re a construction worker, outdoor person, traveler, or rideshare driver, a rooftop cargo box is an incredibly useful addition to your car. This simple to install and fairly reasonably priced add-on more than doubles the cargo space in your car, probably eliminating the need to upgrade to a larger vehicle or truck/van. There are … Read more

Danner Waterproofing Gel Test

On the very first day of wearing my new boots to work, we had an underground emergency leak repair which was probably the most moisture that my boots will ever encounter. The perfect test to see how well Danners waterproofing gel works! I was literally almost knee deep in mud and zero water penetrated my … Read more