No Dogs on Beach in Santa Monica

There is a “No Dogs On Beach” sign at the beach in Santa Monica but there are always lots of dogs there. I take my dogs there frequently but have never seen or heard of anyone ever getting a ticket on this section of the beach. Zoey and Ellie are fearless rebels so we will … Read more

Lake Evans in Riverside

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I took the girls on a walk at Lake Evans in Riverside. I was originally going to fish for some catfish or bass but none of the people there were having any luck so we just took a long walk instead. And of course it wouldn’t be California without … Read more

Whitnall Highway Dog Park

Visited Whitnall Highway Off-leash dog park for the first time today after work. It’s near Burbank so most of the people who go here seem to work in the entertainment industry. One of the regulars told me this place just had a million dollar renovation within the last year but it’s not very good because … Read more

Irvine Regional park

Took Ellie and Zoey to Irvine Regional Park last weekend. It was the closest fishing spot to me that allowed dogs but the fishing ended up being a joke so I didn’t even waste my time. I wouldn’t recommend this place for fishing but it’s a nice picnic spot for families with young children. It’s … Read more

Funny Furry Friend

Zoey and Ellie met a super cute and funny dog at the dog park today. I believe she was some sort of poodle mix. The reason this dog is so funny is because she was super friendly and affectionate to all the people and other dogs at the park but when it was time to … Read more

Zoey and Ellie

I crashed at a cheap motel last night and then went to my go-to spot for writing blog posts, Starbucks. Here’s a few shots of my girls from today. Dogs truly are mans best friend.