Pre-action Fire Suppression at Iron Mountain

Quick snapshot of the Pre-action Fire Suppression we installed at Iron Mountain in LA. A pre-action fire sprinkler system is a type of fire sprinkler system that requires a two-step process in order to discharge. This type of specialized fire suppression system is typically used for locations where accidental discharge needs to be prevented due … Read more

Fire Hydrant Inspection

As a fire protection contractor, all of our work is inspected by the Fire Department. They are required to physically witness that all of our systems are in proper working order when we’re done building. We completely flush the pipe to ensure the absence of any debris left in the pipe and then test the … Read more

How to Lift a Lift

As a pipefitter that constructs fire suppression systems, we spend a lot of our time laying pipes underground but we spend a higher percentage of our time working above ground on the ceilings of buildings to install the fire sprinkler portion of the system. To accomplish this, we use aerial work platforms also known as … Read more

Cold Storage Fire Suppression

Here’s a quick tour of a recent fire suppression system installation we completed in Gardena California. This video was taken before we finished the job which is why it shows all of our materials laid out and also why there’s still trash everywhere.