Ridgid 10 Inch Pipe Wrench

As a pipefitter or anyone who does anything as a job, you always want to use the best tools possible. For example surgeons only use brand new scalpels for every surgery they perform. Scalpels are always discarded immediately after use to ensure that each surgery is performed with the sharpest and most sanitary blade possible.

For pipefitting work you want to use tools that are lightweight, durable, and reliable and I’ve found that Ridgid is the best.

The Ridgid 10 Inch Pipe Wrench I got today is the aluminum version and basically the lightest and smallest pipe wrench for the smaller sized pipe that we frequently work with for fire sprinklers. This size obviously won’t work for the larger sized pipes but it’s perfect for the smaller stuff which is normally installed in higher volumes.

Before I start using this, I’m going to put an extension on the handle to generate more power. Also frequently known as a “cheater bar.”

I’ll be posting a tutorial soon on how I installed my cheater bar on my 12 inch Ridgid pipe wrench.

My 12 inch Ridgid pipe wrench with cheater bar.

I love getting new toys!

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