How to Lift a Lift

How to Lift a Lift

As a pipefitter that constructs fire suppression systems, we spend a lot of our time laying pipes underground but we spend a higher percentage of our time working above ground on the ceilings of buildings to install the fire sprinkler portion of the system. To accomplish this, we use aerial work platforms also known as a “scissor lift.”

On occasion we run into the need to use our lifts on the second floor of a building to access the work area. The process takes less than ten minutes per lift which isn’t bad considering the weight of the equipment and where we needed to place it.

We’re currently doing some work at an Amazon warehouse and here’s how we lifted our 2600 pound lifts onto the second floor mezzanine. That’s my co-worker Harold up top guiding the placement of one of the lifts onto the mezzanine where we needed several lifts last week.

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