CEO of Samaritan

Samaritan CEO Jonathan Kumar

This morning one of my Uber passengers was Jonathan Kumar, the CEO and Founder of Samaritan.

This app startup has not only a really great idea but also a very necessary mission which is to help your local homeless neighbors with the social and financial capital needed to meet their housing and health goals.

This is a gigantic problem to tackle and I commend this team for taking on such a noble challenge.

Samaritan’s content editor was also in the car with us and we had a long and refreshing conversation about their business and also discussed the possibility of them potentially acquiring one of my domain names I’ve owned this domain for many years but maybe it’s time for me to let it go?

In my opinion, this is one of the best domain names for any nonprofit or charity because it’s the shortest and probably the most easy to remember domain for any charitable organization with lots of ways to utilize it. For example or organizations name, or as a URL shortener for link sharing which is obviously a crucial marketing component in today’s world.

I’ve been offered $30k for this domain in the past but passed on the offer for various reasons but mainly because I felt it was worth more to the right, funded, organization. Not sure if I’m ready to let this one go yet, but we’ll see.

Anyways, it was a pleasure meeting Jonathan and his editor today. I’ve given Uber rides to lots of really cool people and Jonathan is no exception. You should check out and support the Samaritan app!

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