Panera Unlimited SIP Club Membership

Panera Unlimited SIP Club Membership

This deal is so good that I felt the need to share. Panera Bread has an unlimited drink membership program for only $10.99 per month that includes any size drip hot or iced coffee, hot or iced tea, Charged Lemonade, lemonade, or fountain drink at any participating Panera Bread.

You’re supposed to be limited to one drink or refill every two hours but they don’t enforce that rule. And the drinks are all self-serve anyway so it’s literally impossible for them to enforce the rule. Not that they would want to enforce it anyway because their goal is to be awesome period.

Take a second to think about this incredible deal and how much money it will save you. Particularly if you’re a daily coffee drinker and even more so if you buy your coffee from Starbucks.

Starbucks Killer

The average Starbucks drink is probably around $5 ballpark. This is one of the best food membership ROI’s I’ve ever seen.

Charged Lemonades

If you’re a caffeine fiend like I am, then you have to try their new Charged Lemonades. They have an insane amount of caffeine, but probably also a ton of sugar so a lot less healthy than the unsweetened coffee I normally drink.

A lot of people who work in construction drink energy drinks. If you drink Red Bull, Monster, etc, the caffeine content is comparable but think about the money you’ll save each month. Check out these caffeine numbers:

  • A 12 oz can of Red Bull contains 111 mg of caffeine
  • A 24 oz can of Monster contains 240 mg of caffeine
  • A 8 oz brewed coffee from Starbucks contains 180 mg of caffeine
  • A 20 oz cup of Panera’s Charged Lemonade contains a whopping 258 mg of caffeine
Panera Charged Lemonade

I’m not a part of any Panera affiliate program or anything. It’s just an awesome drink membership that I personally subscribe to and highly recommend to anyone who buys a lot of drinks like I do, especially caffeine freaks like me.

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