Approved for Lyft

Lyft approval email

I finally got approved today to drive for Lyft! The signup process was straight forward but I experienced a small hiccup and had to contact Lyft support to get the issue resolved.

The main issue I had was a glitch in the app that only gave me the option to sign up as a driver using a rental car, which is not what I wanted because I wanted to use my own vehicle.

But I contacted the technical support department and they quickly responded with the issue corrected. All I had to do was restart the app and then I was able to continue with the application process.

Pro Tip – I’m not sure if was an oversight but for the required vehicle inspection document I simply uploaded the vehicle inspection form I used for Uber and I still got approved. Rather than spending the time and money to get another vehicle inspection, I would recommend doing what I did since there isn’t much risk in giving it a shot.

Since I haven’t yet tried driving for Lyft, I can’t provide an opinion on whether or not driving for Lyft is better or worse than driving for Uber. But just like becoming an Uber driver, you have nothing to lose to try it out because if you don’t like it, you simply stop with no risk or costs involved.

But I would strongly recommend signing up as a Lyft driver as a backup option in case Uber experiences any issues.

Another reason to sign up is for the signup bonus. In most cities there is currently an $800 signup bonus if you complete 160 rides in the first 30 days. Here’s my referral code – JEFFREY12738 which I believe gives me some sort of bonus as well for the referral.

My Lyft referral code – Use it!

The only difference between signing up for Uber and Lyft that I’ve noticed so far is that Lyft mails you a welcome kit that includes window emblems and a physical guide for getting started, and Uber doesn’t.

So for those interested in starting the rideshare side hustle, I would strongly recommend at least getting the application completed in case they stop accepting new applicants! For example, I signed up for DoorDash several months ago but was put on a waiting list because apparently they have too many drivers in my area. And it’s always good to have more options to make money.

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