Whitnall Highway Dog Park

Visited Whitnall Highway Off-leash dog park for the first time today after work. It’s near Burbank so most of the people who go here seem to work in the entertainment industry. One of the regulars told me this place just had a million dollar renovation within the last year but it’s not very good because the entire dog park smells like piss. You can smell the urine from far away. It’s super unsanitary, and seeing some of the dog owners there sitting directly on the turf makes me want to vomit. It’s half artificial turf and half dirt with separate areas for large and small dogs. I’m not going there again because it’s highly unsanitary in my opinion.

What good is a super expensive turf drainage system if it doesn’t even keep the place clean enough to not smell like a toilet? Their maintenance schedule should include daily flushing of all the disease and bacteria ridden urine into the drainage system they already paid for because currently, the piss just sits there like it does on carpet. It’s disgusting.

They should just install a simple water sprinkler system like the type used to water your lawn and then have it turn on each day when the park is closed for a few minutes on a sprinkler timer. I could probably install one myself in a few hours for less than the price of a pair of nice shoes.

Lots of super nice artsy dog owners and their awesome doggies but again, it smells like literal shit and piss.

And not to mention the dog park is surrounded by homeless people living in permanently parked beat up RV’s from the eighties. Not the greatest view to look at while trying to enjoy some relaxing time with your doggos after work.

Probably a better place to score some crystal meth than to walk your pups.

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