Uber Vehicle Inspections

In order to become an Uber driver, you can either use your own car or rent one through the app. Uber has a partnership with Hertz making it really easy and hassle free to get started making Uber money, even if you don’t own a car. Prices start at around $250 per week with unlimited miles and the price includes all the usual costs associated with owning a car like insurance, car maintenance, and registration fees. But you still have to pay for fuel, obviously.

It might seem like a steep price for a car rental but it’s actually a really reasonable rate if you think about all the costs you incur to own a car.

By renting, you never have to worry about car problems because you’re driving a new or near new car with low miles everyday and you never have to come out of pocket for oil changes, tires, or any other regular maintenance cars always need. And not having to pay for car insurance or annual registrations isn’t life changing but it ain’t nothin either. Not to mention the absence of a car payment or worrying about mileage or car value depreciation. All these things combined make renting a popular option among Uber drivers. Uber even has a partnership with Tesla which is $334 per week.

But if you use your own vehicle, you will save some money. Not a ton but enough that it’s probably the better financial option in most cases.

In order to use your vehicle, the car must be a 2007 or newer and must first pass a vehicle inspection. Here’s a link to the Uber vehicle requirements for Los Angeles.

This is what the actual vehicle inspection form looks like after it’s completed by the shop.

Uber vehicle inspection form

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