Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box Review

Whether you’re a construction worker, outdoor person, traveler, or rideshare driver, a rooftop cargo box is an incredibly useful addition to your car. This simple to install and fairly reasonably priced add-on more than doubles the cargo space in your car, probably eliminating the need to upgrade to a larger vehicle or truck/van.

There are many companies that make rooftop cargo boxes but I went with the Thule Pulse medium for my Prius for the simple fact that I’ve used Thule products before and found them to be of high quality.

It’s not the least expensive option on the market but this isn’t a product that I want failing on me while I’m using it so I thought it was worth the $600 (with tax).

If you already have roof crossbars, the installation takes less than five minutes with no tools necessary. My roof crossbars are the Toyota factory option bars and it fit perfectly.

The Thule Pulse also comes with a lock and is super easy to open and close.

Also, unless you’re 6’4″ tall, it’s not absolutely necessary, but I would also highly recommend buying a Door Step because it’ll help you maximize the cargo space safely. The Door Step is not very expensive and worth every penny. Not only is reaching for higher than you can reach super uncomfortable, it’s also extremely dangerous so I would recommend getting it and then returning it if you find that you don’t need it. Check out my review of the Moki Door Step here.

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