My Bosses and Fully Automated Warehouse

My bosses at Guardian South Inc.

Here are my three bosses. Scott Mitts on the right, Preston Mitts (Scott’s son) in the middle, and the owner of Guardian South Inc. on the left, Lyle.

Scott is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion and Preston is also a BJJ practitioner. Second and third generation pipefitters…these two gentleman are probably not who you want to get into a physical alternation with. One can only hope to be in this great of shape at 55.

Here they are discussing important pipefitting stuffs.

very important pipefitting discussion….Scott’s arm is probably bigger than my leg.

Here’s Scott getting ready to do some work underground.

Scott Mitt’s on the backhoe

The owner of Guardian South Inc.

Lyle the owner of Guardian South Inc.

Here’s a picture I took today of some work we finished for which I believe is an Amazon type company in China. is implementing the very first fully automated warehouse management system in Fontana and we’re installing the fire suppression system for the racks in their warehouse. This is a lot of sprinkler heads!

In this warehouse, all the orders are picked by robots.

Here’s one of the engineers configuring the machine to get ready for testing.

an engineer getting the robot ready for testing
Fire suppression system for
One of the many racks in the fully automated warehouse.

Can you see the valves with red handles near the bottom of each pipe? Those were installed by yours truly!

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