Introductory post

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I just finished listening to Noah Kagan’s book, Million Dollar Weekend, and it inspired me to launch a business this weekend. I’ve always dreamt about starting a blog but have been too lazy to actually do it. So listening to this audiobook was the perfect kick in the pants for me.

Out of all the different business models/side hustles one can easily start, I decided to start a content site for several reasons.

  1. I don’t want to deal with employees, customers, or any time-sensitive matters.
  2. I don’t want a business that requires a lot of money or risk like product inventory or expensive rents.
  3. I travel for work so I need a location-independent business.
  4. I want a business that increasingly builds asset value over time.
  5. And most importantly, I must enjoy working on it.

I’m in the very fortunate situation of having a fulltime job that I enjoy but I also feel like I need a creative outlet to be truly fulfilled. And since my job covers my living expenses, I can focus on quality over quantity.

Having a day job will allow me to focus on creating great content first without being distracted by the endless marketing skills I will eventually need to learn.

Marketing and distribution will eventually become necessary, but until the site is “share-worthy,” I’m not going to think too much about it for now. Just having to think about SEO, social media, email, and ads gives me anxiety.

This content site will feature biographies, case studies, and interviews with successful and interesting entrepreneurs with the goal of being helpful and providing value to readers.

Why this type of website provides value.

  1. Save years of trial and error and learn through other people’s experiences and mistakes.
  2. Provide actionable advice and insights to help people start their own businesses.
  3. To inspire and motivate people by sharing what people from all walks of life are accomplishing.

In addition to creating useful content, the only other goal I have is to build an email list. It’ll give me a measurable KPI to guide my efforts and also probably become a valuable asset someday.

Why me?

Although I currently work as an employee of a large organization, I’ve started several businesses across various industries in the past, two of which achieved annual gross sales of over $2 million and $4 million respectively, and employed multiple full-time staff members. Although none of them achieved an over the top success, I think my experience as a scrappy small business owner makes me a good fit to run a site like this.

I’ve always been fascinated with businesses and hopefully this will become apparent in my interviews and content.

That’s all for now!