Homeless Problem in LA

Homeless Problem in LA

I guess these people aren’t technically homeless because they’re living in RV’s but I doubt they get their mail delivered here either so I’m not sure what to call it.

In any case, seeing this blew my mind so I had to share. This definitely falls under the Unusual Sightings category.

I don’t understand how this is even legal but maybe it’s considered a commercial zone or something which might not have regulations against this type of thing. And since it’s not in a residential neighborhood, there’s probably no one making any serious complaints about it.

Where do these people empty their toilet water and trash? Fresh water? Electricity? As you can see, there are no drains, water hookups, or electrical connections here.

There are probably hundreds or thousands of streets like this all over the country.

It’s a tough problem to tackle and it’s probably only going to get even worse.

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