Current EDC and Home Defense

My Current EDC as of June 22, 2022

I used to rotate my guns and knives and carried a new combination for every day of the month because I was an enthusiast. But for the sake of training, muscle memory, ammo availability/cost, simplicity and most importantly, STOPPING POWER, I’ve opted in favor of a single EDC setup for my daily carry for self defense.

My current pistol of choice is the tried and true H&K USP45 Compact with a Surefire weapon light and laser. It’s bone stock other than a Hogue rubber grip and OEM standard magazine floor plate which makes it a print a little less when carrying right side appendix IWB compared with the stock magazine floor plate. And I only use G-code Kydex fuzz holsters because they are simply the best period.

This is my current pistol of choice for one simple reason. In the 10 years that I’ve owned this gun, it has never jammed or misfired or had any malfunction of any type, ever. Not even once and I’ve put well over a thousand rounds through it. So from a probability stand point, it’s batting .1000 for me. All my my other guns, Sig’s, Glocks, S&W’s, have malfunctioned at least once, if not more. I can’t remember if my Sig P229 has ever misfired, but it’s also a really nice pistol to shoot in 9mm. But for some reason too technical for me to understand, my H&K 45 shoots smoother with less recoil than all of the 9mm’s I own.

I’m not a gun expert, so there could be many reasons for the misfires. User error, bad ammo, poor handle grip, not cleaned or reassembled correctly, etc. But whatever the case, if I have to defend my life using a pistol, I’m going with my H&K with 8 hollow points (or 10 with an extended mag).

Home Defense

For home defense, there’s no debate in my mind. This is my home defense weapon of choice, the Benelli M4 Entry, also known as the short barrel shotgun with OEM collapsible stock.

It would take me too long to list the number of upgrades I’ve had done to this beauty…but for the sake of brevity, I’ll just say it has some upgrades. The M4 is a great shot gun for home defense…especially in the short barrel version with collapsible stock. This is the only shotgun used by the US Military for it’s reliability and gangsterness. This is a seriously sexy long gun.

My home defense Benelli M4 SBS with Sig P938 and some TAD gear. I was a major TAD fanboy.

This isn’t a blog about firearms so this will probably be my one and only post about what I use for self-defense protection.

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