Uber Lost and Found Items

The most common item passengers have accidentally¬†left in my car is their cell phone. But so far, people have also left their wallets, hats, sunglasses, and lipstick. When a passenger leaves an item in your car the Uber app has a Lost and Found feature that allows you to report the lost item and also … Read more

Cold Storage Fire Suppression

Here’s a quick tour of a recent fire suppression system installation we completed in Gardena California. This video was taken before we finished the job which is why it shows all of our materials laid out and also why there’s still trash everywhere.

Introductory Post

I’ve pretty much stated all this same information on my about page but thought I should create an official intro post to, you know, make the blog official. haha! So what’s this blog all about? Side hustles, side jobs, gigs, gig economy, moonlighting, side incomes, freelance work, whatever you want to call it. This site … Read more